Best Solid Wood Platform Beds Review

8. Genus 12-inch Deluxe Wood Platform Bed with Headboard
Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame
Brothers and sisters helped me find the perfect platform bed, but I seemed to be more anxious. I mean, I like trees more than he does. And that is one of the reasons why we went to this tree form in Genus. I also like the classical or traditional colors such as espresso in this bed. Likewise, I liked how simple this phone was. It took less than 10 minutes because we did not need box springs and assemblies. This product is also used in the top 10 platforms for wood platforms in the review in 2018. This platform is beautiful, robust and provides good support.

7. Metal stand with wooden stand Zinus Tuscan with wooden stand

I bought this platform bed for my daughter when she moved to a new location. And like any other parent, I wanted to continue. I liked this type because it combined solid wood and metal, such as solid wood. We also used a finely sliced ​​sunglass that could damage the mattress or cause discomfort. The young man who started life seemed beautiful. More than a year later, I still have no complaints.

6. Zinus Essential Soft Platform for Platform Bed

As for the platform, we can not deny that the Zinus brand produces the best wooden platform. For example, this product offers a low profile that can be easily turned on and off. It is also equipped with a sturdy grid with a small gap to better support the mattress. A good gasket is not only surprising, but also improves comfort. As with any other type of manufacturer, no box spring is required and a 5-year warranty is available.

5. Modern Studio Zinus 6-inch platform with low profile

The Modern Studio bed, like any other bed platform on Zinus, comes with a five-year warranty without any problems. It is also built with hardwoods that provide good support and last for a long time. In addition to these reasons, I do not need a spring box, so I bought a replacement bed in my son's bedroom because there is a solid steel frame. It took about four minutes to collect it.

4. Zinus fake leather soft platform with wooden sheet metal

My search for the top 10 best wooden platforms in 2018 can not be completed without artificial leather. Zinus's soft bed. At first I was convinced that this was real leather, but the deeper revelations showed that I did not. However, it has real as well as high quality and reliability. It gives a modern feel to the bed with upholstery. The soft frame is so steep that it improves comfort.

3. Soft stitch bed with Genus wooden stand

You can help your neighbors to repair, but be careful of this tree bark, decorated with a cross, though it can help. And like any other curious person, I wanted to know more. I mean, he's pretty tight and elegantly decorated and looks great. But did they provide good service? I answered him. Two years on the alleyway, he feels the same as a new one. No creaking, no fading, no good support, no mattress damage.

2. Bed platform Nomad 2

I have seen how the Nomad 2 platform appears regularly in the Top 10 Best Reviews of Wood Platforms. I could not agree with what was worth thinking about. Due to the quality of hardwood and good technology, we have a stable platform.

This element has boards of the appropriate distance to help support mattresses and extend usability. Unlike other beds of similar growth, it is much lighter and more mobile. He also looks very chicken and modern.

1. Zinus Soft Button Tufted Premium Platform Bed

This bed takes only a few minutes to assemble and requires no extra skills or special tools. I like the soft interior of the button to give it a classic feel. And, as the manufacturer claims, the space between the slats is less than 3 inches. This explains the comfortable support and good protection of the mattress. I also found that the dark gray color remembers and goes well with traditional and modern decorations. Best Solid Wood Platform Beds Review